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Cold Pressed Chia Seed Oils



Ready for a pleasant surprise?

Andean Sol Extra Virgin Chia Oil not only tastes amazing – it contains approximately 64% omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), the highest of any known plant based sources of omega-3. Our chia oil is cold pressed so that it retains the maximum level of nutrients, active substances and flavour possible. The result is a delicate, vibrantly golden coloured oil that has a delicious light and nutty taste.

The mild flavor makes chia seed oil ideal for use in salad vinaigrettes, marinades, and in dips like hoummus.


We are offering our cold pressed Extra Virgin Chia Oil in two varieties:

100% Extra Virgin Chia Oil

Plant Powered Omega-3 – Add a spoonful of either to your juice or smoothie or consume directly for serious plant based omega-3 boost. Not recommended for cooking as heat can damage chia oil nutrients. Great also as a natural skin moisturiser!

Extra Virgin Olive & Chia Oil

A world’s first – our Extra Virgin Olive & Chia Oil is a light and delicious oil blend that is perfect for use as a nutritious salad dressing or dip. The great taste of premium olive oil together with the omega-3 power of chia oil.

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