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Laguna Colorada

Last updated: Friday August 17th 2018

In the southwest of the Bolivia Altiplano at 4,200 meters above sea level lies Laguna Colorada.  The translation of this is Red Lagoon and it’s obvious to see why.  The Lagoon is shallow, measuring at less than a meter deep, and is peppered with white borax islands.  The deep red-orange water is a spectacular sight, and has been a subject of folklore amongst the locals.  It is believed by some that this water is actually the blood of the gods.  Scientist on the other hand, chalk it up to the high abundance of minerals and algae in the water.

Flocks of flamingo’s migrate here to feed on the plentiful plankton.  Six different species can be found, one of which is extremely rare and has a spot on the endangered species list.  The puna flamingo is native to the Andes region and the Altiplano, and was thought to be extinct until the 1950’s.  Of course, other animals can also be found enjoying the lagoon from time to time.

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